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Established in 1990 , have been delivering solutions to Health, mechanical, process and laboratory instrumentation in Kuwait. AMICO’s dedication to advanced technology and clients’ satisfaction enables a strong, diversified and satisfied clientele in oil, health, petrochemical, gas, water, power, medical and scientific research laboratory sectors.

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Laboratory Products

Purite has developed a range of advanced water purification units to provide purified water consistently and reliably for all laboratory applications. Purite works with laboratory technicians to meet the challenges presented by ever-changing working practices and new product research and development.

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Pharma Test supplies and supports a world wide market with hardware and software products which find application in the development, formulation and quality assurance departments for the production of tablets, capsules, suppositories, ampoules and various other solid dosage forms.

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EBS Industrial INK-JET Printers and Printing Systems company are major products of EBS Ink-Jet Systems


The HANDJET® EBS 250 is an innovative product made by EBS Ink-Jet Systeme GmbH. This unique device - weighing only 980 grams – has been created to satisfy users for whom the freedom of product marking, coding and labelling in terms of place and time is the fundamental criterion. It is also the device for users who demand low purchase cost, cost-effective operation and not excessively sophisticated practical functions. 

EBS- 6000/7000 SERIES

The devices are designed for labelling objects moving on a factory conveyor without requiring direct contact. Systems for labelling stationary objects are also available. They are based on moving print-head technology, where the print-heads are controlled manually or automatically. The printers can produce prints varying in height from 1 mm to a maximum of 15 mm, at a high print rate on practically any material or type of surface.


A Large Character Print (in short LCP) category of industrial INK-JET printers and printing systems that use print-heads with many discrete ink jets produced by a number of valve-secured nozzles (DOD technology - Drop-on-Demand). Two different print-head types are used. They differ in construction, the principle of operation and application. The valves are controlled by electromagnetic or piezoelectric transducers. Hence the names of electromagnetic or piezoceramic print-heads.